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From 2020
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KNITelligent is the cross-section between the human and the machine aiming to deliver ecological products which do not leave any footprint on the environment. Quite opposite to the fast fashion industry.

The creator

Tina Borisova graduated from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland as an architect where she specialised in ecology and sustainability. Her education has laid the foundation for her interest not only in sustainability but also in social responsibility as a young specialist in the sphere of design.

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With a great attention to details
Handmade x Sustainability
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Nature has always been an inspiration for artists, poets and designers throughout the historic epochs. It is the mastermind in every design trajectory, from zero waste, through circularity of resources to the layered structural complexity. Tina started exploring nature’s design tools and behaviours, leading to the search for biological materials and design based on functionality rather than aesthetics.

The process

Everything starts with a sketch and a targeted ecological issue, which informs the design of every bag. Afterwards, the process includes choosing the geometric grammar and its translation into a 3D environment. Of course, the process involves huge amounts of tests to optimise the yarn gauge and the 3D printed shapes.

The materials

All of the bags are made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials which include T-shirt yarns combined with 3D printed elements from biopolymers (extracted from corn starch). They use significantly less energy and water to produce compared to the conventional leather bag + they are non-toxic.

The aim

By purchasing any of the bags, you save at least 500g of unused textiles which will end up in the landfill. KNITelligent aims to become a collaborative context where we can all together save tons of textile waste from the fashion industry and processes. We all make choices that have consequences. However, we decide whether they will be permanent or minimum recyclable.

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